25mm Open Linear Ball Bearings, Linear Motion Bearing Block.

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Weight per unit: 0,44 kg

25mm Open Linear Ball Bearings with Housing, Linear Motion Ball Cage Carriages, Linear Motion Bearings Block.
Linear Bearing / Linear Ball Bearing with Ball-Return Function, Open Linear Ball Slide for Supported Shaft Guide Rails.

Open linear ball bearings with ball return (ball return loop) for supported 25mm linear shafts.

The linear ball bearings are mounted in aluminum housing. (aluminum block)

For backlash-free Linear Motion is an adjusting screw in the housing,
this screw allows a preload (pretension) of the linear bearings.

Both side have rubber scraper (dust wipers / rubber seals),
the rubber wiper rings protect the balls and the ball return tube.

  • Bearing Type: open
  • For linear shaft: h6 25mm / with support
  • Rows of balls: 5
  • Ball bearings without housing: Ø40 H7 x 59mm (LM 25 OP)
  • Static load rating: 980 N
    (Co / no motion)
  • Dynamic load rating: 1570 N
    (C / in motion)
  • Maximum travel speed: 4m/sec.
  • Coefficient of friction: 0,001-0,005
  • Operating temperature: -20…80°C
  • Block (housing) dimensions: 65 x 60 x 47mm
  • Weight: 0.44kg (440g)