4-Axis, 3.0A, SMS-304 stepper motor driver, step motor CNC controller.

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SMS-304 4 axis stepper motor driver, 2-phase 3.0A CNC microstepping stepper motor controller.

An "Made in EU" SMS 304 4 axis stepper motor controller in a compact SMD version for bipolar 2-phase stepper motors.
Compact design, microstepping and small heat generation - ideal for small and medium size CNC controls.

A 4-axis stepper motor driver for machines with dual X drive or machines with rotary axis.

Integrated power supply, 5 inputs and 2 relay outputs - for quick and easy installation of the step motor controller.
Power supply via a transformer with max. 34V AC generated a motor voltage up to 50V DC.

Excellent performance and dynamics with small and medium-sized motors, such as the
1.1Nm SanyoDenki 103-H7123-0440 or 1.65Nm SanyoDenki 103H7126-0740 and 103H7126-0710.

Also something larger stepper motors are not a problem.
4.0A 3Nm SanyoDenki 103H-7823-1740 and 103H-7823-1741 or 103H-7823-1711 and 103H-7823-1714.

Compatible CNC software for the SMS-304 microstep controller.

- Mach3
- CNCGraf
- KCam4
- FRS-Win
- other programs with clock / direction signal output

Possible applications for SMS-304 4 axis stepper motor driver:

- CNC milling machines to X / Y travel of 800mm
- CNC cutter to X / Y travel of 1200mm
- CNC plasma to X / Y travel of 1500mm
- CNC laser to X / Y travel of 1500mm
- for robots and special machines

Specifications of the SMS-304 stepper motor controller.

Channels (Axes) : 4
Current / Phase : 3.0 A  (1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3.0 A)
Operating Voltage : 20 to 34 V AC
Step Resolution : 1/8(1600) 1/16(3200)
1/5(1000) 1/10(2000)
Type : Bipolar
Step / Direction (CLK / DIR) : 5V TTL
Inputs with Optocoupler : YES (all)
Inputs : 4x Step (5V TTL)  / max. 80 kHz
4x Direction (5V TTL)
1x Remote (charge pump) (5V TTL)
2x Relay (5V TTL)
Outputs with Optocoupler : YES (all)
Outputs : 4x (for Limit-Switches / Buttons / Sensors)
1x (STOP / Limit-Switch / Sensor)
Power Outputs : 1x 24V (f√ľr for Limit-Switches / Buttons / Sensors)
Current-Reduction : Automatic to 55% after 1 sec.
Motor Outputs Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
Special Features : Motor resonance reduction (Potentiometer-configurable)
LED status display : 1x Power
1x Ready
1x Fault
2x Relay
Connectors : Screw Terminal to max. 1.5m2
2x AC Power Input (to Transformer)
4x Relay(switching contacts)

Screw Terminal to max. 2.5m2
16x Motor Output
2x Power Output 24V (f√ľr for Limit-Switches / Buttons / Sensors)
6x Input (Limit-Switches / Buttons / Sensors)
Dimensions : 227 x 95 x 38 mm
Weight : 0.59 kg (590 g)
Warranty : 2 Years

PDF download

SMS-304 stepper motor controller operating instructions.   PDF document download.