RTA CSD 04.V stepper motor controller, step motor driver, CNC controller.

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RTA CSD 04.V 2-phase stepper motor controller, 4.4A 1-axis microstepping CNC step motor driver.

An Italian CSD 04.V stepper motor controller in a compact SMD version for bipolar Step Motors.
Compact design, microstepping and small heat generation - ideal step motor driver for small size CNC controls.
We recommend the CNC controller for motors up max. 4.0A with 60's motor flange.

Matching CNC software for the CSD 04.V microstep controller.

- Mach3
- CNCGraf
- KCam4
- FRS-Win
- other programs with clock / direction signal output

Possible applications for the CSD 04.V stepper motor driver.

- CNC milling machines to X / Y travel of 800mm
- CNC cutter to X / Y travel of 1500mm
- CNC plasma to X / Y travel of 1500mm
- CNC laser to X / Y travel of 1500mm
- for robots and special machines

Specifications of the RTA microstepping step motor controller CSD 04.V.

Channels (Axes) : 1
Current / Phase : 4.4 A  (2.6 / 3.2 / 3.8 / 4.4 A)
Operating Voltage : 24 to 48 V DC
Step Resolution : 1/2(400) 1/4(800) 1/8(1600) 1/16(3200)
Type : Bipolar
Step / Direction (CLK / DIR) : 5V TTL
Inputs with Optocoupler : -
Inputs : 1x Step (5V TTL)  / max. 60 kHz
1x Direction (5V TTL)
1x Remote (Current off input) (5V TTL)
Outputs with Optocoupler : -
Outputs : 1x Fault Signal Output (Fault Alarm)
Power Outputs : -
Current-Reduction : Automatic 50% after 1 sec.
Motor Outputs Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
Special Features : Motor resonance reduction
LED status display : 1x Power
1x Fault
Connectors : Screw Terminal to max. 1.5m2
2x Power Supply
4x Motor
1x Motor-Shield
1x Ground (PE)

Screw Terminal to max. 0.75m2
1x Step (CLK)
1x Direction (DIR)
1x Remote (Current off input)
1x Fault Signal Output (Fault Alarm)
2x GND
Dimensions : 92 x 85 x 18 mm
Weight : 0.12 kg (120 g)
Warranty : 2 Years

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RTA CSD 04.V product datasheet.   PDF document download.
RTA CSD 04.V operating instructions.   PDF document download.