CNC power supply with 4x 10A and max. 72V DC voltage output.

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CNC power supply, power supply for CNC controls.

A high-performance power supply for CNC stepper motor controllers.
A transformer input and four outputs for up to four controllers.
The outputs can be loaded with up to 10A.
Two large 6800UF 100V capacitors provide uniform voltage even at high loads.

An AC voltage is always calculated with the factor x1.44.
If a transformer 48V AC (alternating voltage) as standing at approximately 69 V DC output (direct current voltage) are available.
(48V AC x 1.44 = 69.12 V DC)


Input Voltage: 1x (max. 50V AC)
Output Voltage: 4x (max. 72 V DC)
Connectors: screw terminal max 2.5m2
Mounting: on DIN rail with 35mm
Dimensions: 96x126x72mm
Specific features: 4x fuse, 4x LED status display