Inductive Home- and Limit Switch, HIGHLY S17-05N-1, NPN-NO, 10-30V.

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HIGHLY S17-05N-1 Inductive Reference Switch or Limit Switch, inductive proximity sensor for CNC Router.
Inductive NPN/NO Proximity Switches, Inductive Reference and Limit sensor, CNC-Machine Inductive Home Switches.

Inductive Reference or Limit Switch, NPN / NO
- operated switches ground on, normally open.

Inductive proximity switches react with metal objects.
The reaction is in steel / stainless steel is better than in non-ferrous metals. (e.g. Aluminum, brass or copper)

Inductive limit switch or reference switch are resistant to external influences.

Advantages over mechanical limit switch / reference switch:
  • very high repeatability
  • resistant to dust (dust-proof)
  • resistant to fluids (coolant, oil, water)
  • resistant to chips (metal shavings, wood chips, plastic chips)

  • repeat accuracy (repetitive accuracy): approx. +/- 0,01 mm
  • sensing distance: 0...5mm
  • output function / stage: NPN / NO (switched ground on / NO = normally open)
  • operating voltage range: 10...30V DC
  • load current max: 200mA
  • current consumption max.: 10mA
  • response frequency: 1.5KHz
  • body dimensions: 17 x 17 x 29mm
  • holes for mounting: 2x Ø 3,3mm
  • connection: 2000mm (2m) / Ø 4,0mm cable
  • operating temperature: -25...70°C
  • visualization: LED indicator