WinPC-NC Economy, CNC controlling software Win PCNC Economy for Engraving, Milling, Drilling.

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WinPCNC Economy, 3D CNC controlling software WinPC-NC Economy, 3D CNC Program.
CNC Control-Program Win PCNC Economy for Engraving, Milling, Drilling, Cutting, Grinding or Dispensing.

CNC Software for CNC Milling and Engraving Router Machine.
Low cost solution for CNC beginners with direct LPT printer port controlling.
Able to run typical applications like engraving, milling of modelling parts, PCB drilling and more.

WinPC-NC Economy is a software that turns any standard PC into a universal NC machine control and
actuates three or four axes and numerous signal inputs and output lines. There are lowcost
versions available with direct LPT printer port output or a professional solution with intelligent
axes controller CPU for true realtime operations. We offer the suitable solutions for any
application by various functional extents and price ranges.

Simple startup procedure.

The controlling software WinPC-NC Economy are already pre-configurated whenthey are delivered and can easily be started.
Connection with the machine is simply made by the existing LPT printer port.

Besides the clock/direktion motor signals, further switching outputs or sensor inputs are definable.
The pinning of the printer port is identical to our other programs, i.e. re-fitting of present controlling
units or older controlling software of our company is possible without efforts.

Import filter for lots of NC formats.

Win PC-NC Economy is equipped with import filters for the widespread HPGL language,
for drilling formats by Sieb&Meier or Excellon, MultiCAM 2D and 3D, Isel NCP, ECP, AI Postscript and DIN/ ISO.

You can master engravings or modelling parts in unlimited size and complexity by it.

New programs can be created by oneself with the integrated editor or with a drawing
or construction program running under Windows.

Realtime operation under Windows.

Controlling stepper motors is a very hard realtime application.
In order to guarantee faultless operation there are some characteristics and requirements
to be considered concerning the computer and the system environment.

Realtime reaction of WinPC-NC Economy may be affected by other installed or in the background running programs.
Additional documents concerning realtime reaction, differences of functions and versions or simply tips
and tricks as well as a test version ready for operation can be downloaded from our web site.

CNC controlling software for simple operation of the machine.

Win PCNC Economy offers full and save control of the machine by various functions.
Jog move in exact motor steps is made with keyboard, mouse buttons or joystick.
To start a loaded job is as easy as to click the start button or to press an external switch.
The job is performed completely or with breaks whenever you want.
Paused jobs can be restarted from the beginning or resumed from the last position.
By various test functions you can optimize parameters, tune the settings of the axes
or check the defined input signals and output lines.

Intelligent toolpath controlling.

WinPC-NC is a real toolpath control.
It is able to ascertain and adjust the optimum speed by efficient look-ahead functions in all situations.
After activating a movement the machine runs in constant and steady course with the best speed
and does not require stops at following vectors or contour elements.
The moving style is exactly adjusted to the successing contour lines.

Review of CNC software WinPC-NC Economy.

  • simple and intuitive operation
  • runs on any desktop PC from 1.4 GHz with 1-2 LPT printer ports
  • for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 32-Bit versions
  • runs with any clock/direction stepper cards (Stepper Motor Driver)
  • for 2d, 2.5d and 3d CNC data files, 4-Axis option
  • Tool repetitions and Z axis feed
  • Surface block and sensor for automatic zero point definition
  • Free programmable 4th axis as U ABC T
  • Cylindric engraving with diameter definition and 4th axis
  • Tool length measurement and compensation of differences
  • Tangential axis for foil and paper cutting
  • Mass production with definable rows and coloums of NC data
  • Resume interrupted job exactly to the step
  • Start of job from line no. or percent or prev.cancel position
  • Automatic tool change support and molette output signal
  • import filters for HPGL / PLT
  • import filters for Common drilling formats / Excellon / Sieb&Meyer
  • import filters for G codes with subroutines and abs./rel. movements
  • import filters for Multicam 2D and 3D
  • import filters for ISEL NCP
  • import filters for Postscript, vector informations, EPS/AI
  • efficient NC program editor integrated
  • teachin exact to the step by keyboard or mouse
  • graphical display with scale, functions for zooming, rotating, mirroring
  • speeds, ramps, axes resolutions and more adjustable for all axes
  • input signals for limit switches, reference switches or sensors
  • maximum step rate 24 kHz
  • 8Bit - PWM Analoge output 0-10V for spindle speed
  • multilingual (German, English, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish)
  • extensive operation manual

PDF download

WinPC-NC overview   PDF document download.
WinPC-NC functions   PDF document download.
WinPC-NC optimizing   PDF document download.
WinPC-NC Economy product info   PDF document download.
WinPC-NC Economy manual   PDF document download.