100ml Aluoxyd Acid to blacken engravings in anodized aluminum.

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100ml Aluoxyd – Acid to blacken engravings in anodized aluminum.
Aluminum acid for black engraving font in aluminum, nameplate, door-signs, aluminum-signs.

Aluoxyd (Aluoxide) is an aluminum acid, this was developed for aluminum plates.
An anodized or painted surface of door- plate or type- plate is not attacked.
Only untreated, not anodized or painted aluminum is colored black with alu-oxide.

By engraving or milling the aluminum is free.
This engraving reacts with alu-oxide-acid and is black.

It is not a color, but a chemical reaction.

One bottle is enough for about 1m ².

  • Anodized aluminum plate engraving
  • Clean the engraved plate with nitro or cleaner's solvent well
  • Apply Aluoxyd with a brush
  • Wait 1 to 3 minutes
  • Rinse with clear water and wipe

Black engraving in anodized aluminum with aluoxyd acid.

Anodized aluminum with engraving for aluoxyd acid prepared.

Anodized aluminum plate with black engraving after aluoxyd acid engraving-handling.