3D Digitizer, 43mm CNC Digitizing Touch Probe Sensor.

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3-D Digitizer - Digitizing Probe, CNC Digitizing Touch Probe Sensor for CNC Milling and Router Machine.
Z-Axis CNC Probe Digitizer, for Scanning of 2D and 3D Objects and Z-Axis Correction.

Touch Probe to create 2D and 3D replicas or machine table and workpiece / objects height correction.
Perfect for Mold and Pattern digitize with CNC milling machine or router.

The 3-D digitizer can scan 2D and 3D objects.
The software as CNC-Grav, PCNC or Mach3, created 3D point cloud.
A point cloud you can convert to the milling program.
CNC-Plus Probe Digitizer scans only Z coordinates - Z-height.
Transmission of the X and Y coordinates makes the software.

Touch Probe can also adjust the workpiece or machine table heights.
You can engrave on inclined and curved objects,
or correct a oblique and undulating machine table using the software.
This function has for example CNCGraf software.

- Touch Probe for Z-Axis movement (only Z direction)
- Suitable for 3D point cloud or Z-height correction
- Accuracy about 0.02 mm (inductive sensor)
- Direct PC connection (Mach3, PCNC) (Dock adapter necessary)
- Adjustable signal output on pin12 or pin13 (DIP switch)(Dock adapter necessary)
- Probe tip with 4 mm shank
- Made from PA6 aluminum and fully anodized
- Mounting for 43mm spindle mount / Motor mount bracket

Scope of delivery:
1x Touch Probe
1x probe tip with 30° tip
1x probe tip with 45° tip
1x Ø 2,00 mm ball probe tip
1x Ø 3,00 mm ball probe tip

Item condition: New

Made in Germany quality.

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