Vinyl Cutter Blade Holder, Drag Knife Holder.

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Vinyl Cutter Blade Holder for CNC Milling Machine, CNC Router Machine, for 43mm euro neck.
CNC Router 43mm Holder for Vinyl Plotter Cutter Blades, Drag Knife Holder, Tangential Knife-Holder.

Holder for Roland Vinyl Cutter Blades, holder for CNC Router with 43mm Spindle Mount / Mount bracket.
Suitable for cutting of vinyl film, paper, cardboard or rubber.

The cutting depth can be adjusted accurately - with screw.
The blade depth can be adjusted only for vinyl film - Cut only film without paper.

The holder has automatic depth control, and automatically corrected table bevels up to 3mm.
The depth of cut is always the same, even if the machine table / work table is uneven and not flat.

Roland Vinyl Cutter Blades:
30┬░ (Offset: 0,25mm)- for thin films / thin materials and hard materials
45┬░ (Offset: 0,25mm)- universal, for standard materials and for medium-hard materials
60┬░ (Offset: 0,25mm)- for thick materials and for small fonts

- very Easy to use
- Very Precise depth setting (setting screw with 0.5 mm fine thread)
- Automatic depth control for table-height-deviations up to 3mm
- Double ball bearings
- Made from PA6 aluminum and fully anodized
- adjustable contact force / pressure force

Scope of delivery:
1x Aluminum 43mm Blade Holder / Knife Holder
1x 30┬░ Vinyl Cutter Blade (Roland)
1x 45┬░ Vinyl Cutter Blade (Roland)
1x 60┬░ Vinyl Cutter Blade (Roland)

Item condition: New

Made in Germany quality.

This product is compatible with (for example):

Roland vinyl cutter blade and drag knife blade set.

Replacement Roland vinyl cutter blade, drag knife blade 30┬░, 45┬░ or...

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