Suhner UAL 23-RF milling spindle, Suhner milling motor with 1800W.

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Weight per unit: 5,8 kg

Professional milling motor Suhner UAL 23-RF, 1800W milling spindle and grinding motor - Made in Germany.

Professional Suhner UAL 23-RF milling spindle motor with speed control and adjustable speed from 2.500 to 23.500 rpm,
ideal for a milling machine or engraving router.
Robust, high run-out accuracy and Universal with wide speed ranges.
Low speed ranges are well for milling process of aluminum, plastic or acrylic with large tool diameters.
Good and professional option over Kress, Metabo or Bosch motors.
Application for engraving, milling or drilling and grinding with large tools.

The Suhner UAL 23-FR milling motor with speed control is a real working tool.
No comparison to the small Kress motors or China spindles.

This milling motor is not a toy and only for stable milling machines recommended.
Very reliable and stable motor powerful for working with cutters and end mills up to 12mm.

Suhner milling motors are mostly used in the industry as milling spindle or drilling and grinding motor.
The large motor diameter of about 115mm guarantees the milling motor a very high torque.
The high torque already reached the motor at low speeds.
Where other smaller milling motors have no more power the UAL 23-RF is still working.

The only disadvantage of Suhner UAL 23-RF is the volume.
At higher speeds, the Suhner milling motor is a little louder than the Kress spindles.

We recommend the milling motor Suhner UAL 23-RF for:

- working with larger milling tools
- working with larger grinding tools
- milling with large depths of cut
- longer milling processes with large motor loads

Example applications for the Suhner UAL 23 RF milling spindle.

- light machining of steel
- machining of aluminum
- machining of laminates
- machining of plastics
- machining of acrylic glass and plexiglas
- machining of wood

Advantages and Features of the milling motor Suhner UAL 23-RF.

- milling spindle motor with 1800 watt Power
- extremely powerful motor with 1250W Output Power !
- speed controller (speed sontrol) and adjustable motor speed from 2500 to 23500 1/min.
- very stable steel spindle chuck and spindle motor flange
- precision double bearings for powerful high-precision cutting
- high run-out accuracy / precise true running accuracy even under very high loads
- constant power and working speed controlled by full-wave electronics
 (for even cutting speeds and smooth operation)
- soft-start (gentle start) for jolt-free starting
- PTC thermal monitor (protects the motor)
- suitable for driving flexible shafts / flex shafts for hand tools
- 2,80 m long rubber cable (power cable) - permanently mounted


Input Powerv : 1800 Watt
Output Power (Motor Shaft) : 1250 Watt  /  (69 %)
Operating Voltage : 230 V
Idle Speed : 2.500 - 23.500 1/min.
Speed Setting : Yes / infinitely variable
Tool Holder : Collet
Max. Tool-Shaft √ė : 10,0 mm
Max. End Mill √ė : 12 mm
Max. Grinding Bit √ė : 20 mm
Motor Mount Bracket / Clamping collar √ė : 43 mm
Motor-Cable : 2.80m long
Protection Class : II
Weight : 4,8 kg
Dimensions : 246x64 mm
Warranty : 2 Years
Item condition : New / Made in Germany

Scope of delivery:

1x Suhner UAL-23-RF milling spindle motor
1x 8,0mm collet
1x clamping nut
2x wrench for clamping nuts (collet wrench)

Milling spindle dimensions.

Milling spindle motor Suhner UAL 23-RF

Exploded-View Milling spindle Suhner UAL 23-RF.

Exploded-View Suhner UAL 23-RF

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