Mini self centering vice, machine tool vice 2208, engraving vice.

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Weight per unit: 1,1 kg

2208 mini self centering vice and machine tool vice, versatile engraving and milling vice.

80x225mm mini machine tool vice for centering clamping, a self centering vice with a very low altitude.
A very flat precision vice particularly suitable for machines with small Z-axis height.

Ideal for milling or engraving and therefore also milling vice or versatile engraving vice called.

This machine tool vice and engraving vice is ideal for engraving and milling in soft materials.
(plastic, carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, gold, silver …)
Also great as a normal mini vice for modeling, electronics or industry.
For mounting on CNC milling machines, engraving machines or drilling machines.

More information about the 2208 mini versatile self centering vice.

Our machine vices have a mm scale (rules) on the jaws.
This eased the workpiece positioning.

Screw-on vice jaws for many other applications are available in the shop.
For our self centering vices with 140mm width fit special jaws of Gravograph.
Gravograph offers jaws for jewelry e.g. pendants, rings or watches, and for promotional Items e.g. pens.
It can be prepared and used also for other applications own jaws.

Functions and features of a 2208 precision machine tool vice.

- maximum clamping width : 102 mm - precise and stable design
- hardened steel linear shaft (linear guide rails) 12mm h6
- fine thread steel screw (steel thread spindle) M10 x 1,0 mm - with 3x ball bearing
- slots for optimum mounting on machine table
- very small height
- completely anodized PA6 aluminum
- a ruler on the jaws for easy workpiece positioning
- other vice jaws in the shop
- Item condition: New
- Made in Germany

Scope of delivery:
1x self-centering vice 80 x 225 mm
4x Mounting screw M6 x 25

Technical drawing and dimensions of 2208 mini vice.

L(1)L(2)L(3)L(4)L(5)L(6)L(7) L(8)B(1)B(2)D(1)H(3)H(4)
290 mm225 mm200 mm 175 mm102 mm25 mm 30 mm15 mm80 mm 30 mm18 mm20 mm 17 mm

Technical drawing of 2208 mini 80mm self-centering machine tool vice.

This product is compatible with (for example):

80mm steel extra-jaws, vise-jaws.

V-Type Steel Jaws, Prism Vise Jaws for 2208 / 3408 Machine Tool Vise.

18,00 EUR
Baseplate for 2208 and 2214 machine tool vise.

Baseplate and mounting plate for machine tool vise and vacuum table.

28,00 EUR