VT-2232 vacuum table, vacuum clamping plate, vacuum chuck 220x320mm.

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Weight per unit: 2,8 kg

Vacuum table VT-2232, vacuum clamping plate 220x320mm, vacuum clamping table or vacuum chuck.

CNC-Plus is a manufacturer of vacuum clamping tables also referred to as vacuum panels or vacuum chucks. Fixing work pieces with a vacuum table is the fastest and cheapest method for holding down thin and elastic Materials.
The vacuum table replaces machine tool vice, double-sided adhesive tape and other impractical fixing devices.

The material surface is completely fixed - vibration free.
This protects the tools and significantly improves the milling quality.

The central vacuum supply from our vacuum tables.

A Centric vacuum supply is especially important when you mill free larger areas of the table.
Vacuum tables with a lateral vacuum supply tend to lose suction power at the other end of the table
when you mill free holes close to the hose barbs.
That is why our tables build up the vacuum from the center of the table to minimize
suction loss through holes in your work piece.
This is what sets us apart from the competition!

Suction table vacuum supply system

Vacuum clamping plate counterbores and stepped bores.

Due to the stepped bores the table surface doesn’t have to be fully covered all the time.
If you mill to your work piece air can only escape through the small diameter
of the lower bore without compromising the suction power too much.
The large diameter upper part of the bore can hold alignment pins
and provides increased suction power through a larger diameter.

Vacuum Table stepped bores plate

The connection options with our vacuum clamping tables.

Our tables have adapters at each side of the table so our customers
have more possibilities to arrange tables and machines together.
This system also enables you to combine tables and create a larger vacuum table surface.
The base plate has bores with 1/4” inside thread.
One side of the table is equipped with the hose barbs for vacuum hoses,
the other holds plugs to seal off the remaining holes.(Threaded Plug)
For large air flow is also possible to use both vaccum connections.

The third connection option is optional.
It is possible to attach the vacuum supply at the vacuum clamping table.
The vacuum ports under the vacuum clamping table bring more order.
For this connection variant, please contact us directly.

Connection examples for a VT- 3045 vacuum clamping table.

Vacuum clamping plate with vacuum-connection, vacuum supply

Three vacuum tables, vacuum-connection options

Three vacuum tables, vacuum-supply system options

Replacable table plate (bored plate, hole plate) for the vacuum clamping chucks.

The upper plate with bores can be replaced easily; you can order a new one at our shop.
A few bolts hold the plate and can be detached with ease without having to disassemble the whole table.

Replacable vacuum clamping hole plate

Very stable internal structure of the vacuum plate.

The inner core is equipped with many canals and bridges.
This gives the vacuum table an extremely high stability.
Even at high load, the vacuum-hole plate can not bend inward.

Vacuum Table internal structure, canals and bridges plate

Advantages and characteristics of a VT-2232 vacuum clamping table.

- Clamping time (Fixation time) reductions possible over 70%.
- Clamping time (Fixation time) reductions for thin work pieces over 90% possible.
- Clamping of thin and elastic components for vibration free milling process.
- Allows for the fixation / clamping of non-magnetic work pieces
- Fixation of very thin materials (foil, paper) with adapter plate or MDF board (medium-density fibreboard)
- Very easy installation and operation.
- 6mm holes (10mm X / Y distance) for dowel-pins - facilitate the work piece positioning.
- Very strong hold of material through combination holes / counterbores 6,0 / 0,6 mm.
- Easily replaceable table plate (bored plate / hole plate).
- Multiple vacuum connection options.
- Item condition: New
- Made in Germany

Scope of delivery:
1x Vacuum clamping table VT-2232 (220x320 mm)
1x Mill through mat 220x320 mm (Sintered rubber mat for material cutting)
1x Connection kit (40mm hose-adapter, hose barbs, hoses)
2x A2 plastic foil cover mat (for covering unused holes)
1x Screw set for mounting (M6 x 20 mm)
4x dowel-pins 6x16 mm
4x dowel-pins 6x20 mm

Technical drawing and dimensions of the VT-2232 vacuum table and vacuum chuck.

Click image to enlarge.
Vacuum clamping table VT-2232, vacuum chuck 220x320mm

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